I Wish I Were a Ghost

I wish I were a ghost for a while.  If I were, I wouldn’t bother with the clanking chains bit.  I’d figure that I had carried enough baggage around during my regular life.  Instead, I would just relax and enjoy my newfound lightness of being.

I wouldn’t waste any time moaning or groaning either, or hovering above people’s beds, scaring them half to death.  If I were a ghost, I’d float to the top of a tree, probably a red maple, and I’d linger there as the leaves turned to glory and some fluttered to the ground.  I’d flutter down too and become one of them, swirling and twirling and skittering along the sidewalk.

I would visit some folks, but not the ones who had caused me misery and heartache when I was alive.  I’d be glad that I never had to see them again.  I would visit the ones who would welcome my company, the ones who loved me, or lonely ones who felt forgotten or invisible to the world.  I’d stay with them while they sat in their kitchens drinking coffee in the early morning.  Time would mean nothing to me and I’d visit lots of them.  When they went to bed that night, they’d be a little bit cheered, without knowing why.

If I were a ghost, I’d go places.  Boy, would I go places.  I’d drift in and over and through the most beautiful places on Earth and I’d become a part of them.  When people saw these places, they’d be seeing me, and they’d tell people about it.  “I’ve been there before but this time it was really something,” they’d say.

If I ever started to feel dead inside I would fly, lightning fast, straight up the vertical planes of the tallest skyscrapers in the biggest cities.  I’d absorb all the glittering scenes and chaotic sounds below and I’d be filled again with the energy of the living.

Truthfully, I guess I would haunt some places, mostly libraries and museums, but only at night when there’d be nobody to scare.  I’d look for other ghosts among my favorite books and art, maybe even pass through some of them, but I’d be quiet.

If I were a ghost, I wouldn’t bother anybody or anything, I’d just be.


This piece is a response to the Weekly Writing Challenge from WordPress.  The challenge this week is to write a post using the prompt “I wish I were…” After writing this one, I must say that the spirit of the subjunctive mood haunts me still.  :)

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107 thoughts on “I Wish I Were a Ghost

  1. Stacy, this is lovely – a benevolent ghost who “wouldn’t bother anybody or anything.” I wish I had one of those around. Maybe I do. And oh, by the way, your writing is absolutely wonderful..

  2. I think I’d enjoy visits from a ghost like you. I’ve never understood the idea that ghosts are tied to a particular place and so “haunt” it. I’d want to high-tail it from a place that caused me too much grief or horror and spend time seeing happier places. ;)

  3. I like the way you think. A happy, carefree ghost that just wants to be is the best kind of ghost. I like imagining floating at the top of the trees and checking out the library to see if other ghosts had the same idea.

    I wouldn’t want to be one that terrifies others. I don’t see the fun in that.

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  6. I’m here by way of Virginia Views, and can see why she reblogged your post. It’s wonderful – “uplifting,” in a ghostly manner of speaking. The ability to travel would be the most appealing thing about being a ghost for me. And no flight delays! :)

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  8. I recognise the face. You’re either a fellow blogger visitor (I’m recognising many repeat visitors) or you’ve been Freshly Pressed before. Either way, congratulations. Your ‘wish I were’ post is so positive. That’s obviously unusual as most ghosts aren’t benign. They do visit those who have made their lives a misery. In literature, anyhow, the nicest of people seem to mutate into ghosts who should be feared.

    • Hi Mary! We’ve crossed paths a couple of times before. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I just think it would be cool to be totally unencumbered by the stuff that drags you down in life, to let all of that go and just enjoy being.

  9. If I were a ghost, I’d probably haunt everyone I think is abusing their power to get cash or spread hate. Show Ahmedinajad or Westboro Baptist that they can’t get away with being cruel to others for being different!

  10. You write vividly, and I was captured by your writing. “I’d linger there as the leaves turned to glory and some fluttered to the ground. I’d flutter down too and become one of them, swirling and twirling and skittering along the sidewalk.” Thanks for writing so honestly :) If I were a ghost I’d travel to the brink of the world, exploring every forgotten mountain, gentle stream, and foreign culture. Also, I have to say how much I enjoy your blog title.

    • You comment is very generous. I had fun writing this one and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks also for your compliment on my blog title. I’m a Jones and my blog represents what I’m jonesin’ for in my after 40 life.

  11. Wonderful. I’m stil smiling. Very enchanting imagery for a introvert, such as myself. I’ve just recently “embraced” that aspect of myself…your piece really set my imagine off. Thank you. I LOVE writers who can do that.

  12. Hi Stacy! Found you quite by accident but happily I discovered you “ghosting” and enjoyed it thoroughly. If you were a ghost, you’d be the most thoughtful one. Delightfully told!

    • Thank you so much! I love that photo too. As we sat at the lake that night, the sky changed colors probably 100 times in 30 minutes. It was breathtaking to watch. I could use a mischievous ghost friend, cackle and clank away! :)

  13. Your written style is beautiful! I love how beautiful the trees are in autumn/fall, so I particularly like the line: “I’d linger there as the leaves turned to glory and some fluttered to the ground. I’d flutter down too and become one of them, swirling and twirling and skittering along the sidewalk”. Thank you for making me smile!

  14. i love your post (will be mentioning it on my blog tomorrow). I’d haunt many of the same places as you would, especially libraries but only if I could figure out how to read the books without the ability to physically move the pages. Hmm,maybe I should haunt writers instead, especially the ones who pace around and talk their stories out loud.

    • Thank you so much, I’m honored that you plan to mention my post. I’m thinking a ghost would be able to just sort of move through the books and glean the story without actually turning the pages. I like your idea about haunting the writers. :)

    • What a beautiful comment. I think one of my biggest fears about getting older is growing lonely and forgotten. I think vintage photos would make a pretty cool collection. So many stories in them!

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  16. I know this is crazy but I wish you will be a ghost for some time to enjoy all these you have written….Just kidding but I must say you wrote this wonderfully. Such a short n sweet that everyone want to read. Thank you for this post. :)

  17. Cool beans!, your post tickles my imagination. Your perception about “ghost thing” erased my scary feeling about it. It creates a wonderful view and positive feelings. :)
    At this very moment, I wish I were a ghost too! just for a while!!!

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