Grace Happening

It all started with one red leaf. I noticed it back during the summer on the maple tree to the right of my front porch.  I tried to take a picture but my camera just wouldn’t capture the sheer sass of a leaf changing color in July.  The green overwhelmed and I gave up.  My […]

Dishpan Hands

The dishwasher is broken. It tried to warn us for weeks and weeks that something was awry by backing the water up into the sink.   We addressed the problem with occasional efforts from the plunger but mostly ignored it.  Finally, it stopped trying altogether and we opened the door one morning to find a […]

The Box of Love and Other Good Gifts

The pink and white striped box was the perfect package for a much-wanted surprise for our daughter’s twelfth birthday.  When the box began to ring in the middle of our dinner celebration, Chickie grabbed it, opened it, and morphed before our eyes into Tweenage-Girl-Who-Just-Got-a-Cell-Phone.  She screamed, she laughed, she made “I’m calling from my new […]

John Comes Home

He came to her in a dream.  A young woman of an age to be thinking of such things dreamt of a man, black-headed and blue-eyed. Martha dreamt that she would marry this man and together they would make a living with little more than the cotton sacks she had been filling since she was […]